Entering the Canadian criminal justice system can be daunting ordeal, but with the counsel of a legal professional like Rishi Gill, you can ensure that your story will be heard objectively and that your case will be considered fairly. If you are charged as a first-time offender, you should take your time choosing a criminal lawyer that you are comfortable with, as the outcome of your case hinges on your ability to communicate with and trust your legal counsel.

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What can a criminal defence lawyer do for me?

A criminal defence lawyer acts as your partner in the trial and sentencing process. For first-time offenders unfamiliar with the Canadian legal system, this is indispensable and can dramatically reduce the amount of stress you would otherwise encounter navigating the murky waters of Canadian criminal law alone.

Why is Rishi Gill the right choice to represent me?

Rishi specializes in representing clients having their first contact with the law. He has the expertise and knowledge to see you through the twists and turns of the legal system, as well as answer any questions you have in clear, precise language. Having worked on both sides of the criminal courts; first as a crown attorney and now as criminal defence lawyer, Rishi  offers a valuable perspective of the courts and Canadian justice system overall and will work hard to defend you fully.